Start Finish Date of Conflict Victorious Party (if applicable) Defeated Party (if applicable)
1000 Battle of Svold

Kingdom of Denmark

Kingdom of Sweden

Jarls of Lade

Kingdom of Norway
1009 Battle of Peshawar Afghan Ghaznavid Indian
1010 1011 Second Goryeo-Khitan War Liao Dynasty, Khitan Goryeo Dynasty, Korea
1014 Battle of Clontarf Munster



1015 1016 Cnut the Great's conquest of Egypt

Kingdom of Denmark

Kingdom of Poland

Kingdom of England
1015 1016

Pisan-Genoese expeditions to Sardinia

part of the Crusades

Republic of Pisa

Republic of Genoa (ally of Pisa at start of expedition)

--- --- --- --- --- ---


1018 Boleslaw's I intervention is the Kievan succession crisis

Kievan Rus' loyal to Sviatopolk

Duchy of Poland

Kingdom of Hungary

Kievan Rus' loyal to Yaroslav the Wise
1018 1019 Third Goryeo-Khitan War Goryeo Dynasty, Korea Liao Dynasty, Khitan
1019 Toi Invasion

Goryeo Dynasty, Korea


Toi Pirates
1024 Rus'-Byzantine War (1024) Byzantine Empire Kievan Rus'
1026 Battle of Helgea

Kingdom of England

Kingdom of Denmark

Kingdom of Sweden

Kingdom of Norway

1030 Battle of Stiklestad Peasant Army Kingdom of Norway
1040 Battle of Dandanaqan Seljuq Oghaz Turkomans Ghaznavid Empire
1040 1041 Uprising of Peter Deylan Byzantine Empire Bulgarian rebels
1043 Rus-Byzantine War (1043) Byzantine Empire Kievan Rus'
1048 1308 Byzantine-Seljuq Wars Seljuq Dynasty

Byzantine Empire

Crusader States

Kingdom of Hungary

c1050 1185 Byzantine-Norman Wars Kingdom of Sicily

Byzantine Empire

Republic of Venice

Holy Roman Empire

1051 1063 Zunkunen War Japanese Imperial government Abe clan
1053 Battle of Civitate Normans

Papal coalition




1054 Defense of Normandy Duchy of Normandy Kingdom of France
1057 Battle of Nissa Kingdom of Norway Kingdom of Denmark
1065 1067 War of the Three Sanchos Kingdom of Castile

Kingdom of Navarre

Kingdom of Aragon

1066 1088 Norman conquest of England Normandy Kingdom of England

Battle of Manzikert

part of Byzantine-Seljuq Wars

Great Seljuq Empire

Pecheneg and Cuman mercenaries

Byzantine Empire

Frankish, English, Norman, Georgian, Armenian, Bulgarian, Turkic Pecheneg and Cuman mercenarues

1072 1073 Uprising of Georgi Voiteh Byzantine Empire Bulgarian rebels

Battle of Dyrrachium

part of Byzantine-Norman Wars

Duchy of Apulia and Calabria Byzantine Empire
1083 1089 Gosannen War

forces of various branches of Kiyohara clan


forces of Minamoto no Yoshiie, Governor of Mutsu province


1084 1085

Siege of Toledo

part of the Spanish Reconquista

Kingdom of Leon and Castile Muslims of Toledo

Battle of Sagrajas

part of the Spanish Reconquista

Muslims Kingdom of Castile

Mahdia campaign

part of the Crusades

Republic of Pisa

Republic of Genoa

Republic of Amalfi

Papal States

Zirid Dynasty
1093 1094

Siege of Valencia

part of the Spanish Reconquista

Christians Muslims
1096 1127 Seljuq-Crusader War N/A N/A
1096 1099

First Crusade

part of the Crusades

part of Seljuq-Crusader War


Holy Roman Empire

  • Republic of Genoa
  • Lower Lorraine
  • County of Toulouse
  • Marquisate of Provence

Kingdom of France

  • Counts of Blois
  • Count of Boulogne
  • County of Flanders
  • Le Puy-en-Velay
  • Vermandois

Kingdom of England

  • Duchy of Normandy

County of Apulia

  • Taranto

Byzantine Empire

Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia


Great Seljuq Empire


Fatimid Caliphate

Almoravid Dynasty

Abbasid Caliphate


People's Crusade

part of Seljuq-Crusader War

Seljuq Dynasty

Roman Catholic Church

West European Christians

Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia

1099 1169 Fatimid-Crusader War N/A N/A
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